Hitonic FTPSync


Synchronize your files in an FTP server and quickly modify them


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If you have a webpage and you’d like to make some quick changes or you need to use an FTP client, besides bigger changes on a website, then you’ll find Hitonic FTPSync to be a very useful tool. Hitonic FTPSync allows you to view everything that’s stored in your site and the FTP server simultaneously, so you can get an idea of what needs modifying, adding or deleting.

To start using Hitonic FTPSync, you need to open both your FTP server and the location where the elements you want to add or modify are located, in order to view them both directly. Once you’ve got both fields, you can view all files, organized by color to make them easier to work with. Black indicates files with no changes; grey is for existing elements, green shows new files on the FTP server; red is for deleted files and blue indicates element changes.

This color coding system helps you to quickly view file modifications on the local device and the remote server. The big advantage of Hitonic FTPSync is that once you’ve completed all the necessary changes to your web, you can click on the upload changes option and they’ll apply directly to your server, without you having to do it manually. Enjoy the simplicity of this app, designed to help you work more comfortably.

Android 4.0 or higher required

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